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If you're here because you've heard that the Globe City Council is considering removing the tax cap, here's some info, and .

On September 26th, the Globe City Council will vote on rescinding the Sales Tax Cap on single purchase over $15,000.  
Proponents believe the cap's removal will increase the amount of taxes collected locally.  McSpadden Ford is particularly
affected by this vote, and they believe it won't.

Since the sales tax cap was put in place in 2011, it has had the effect of keeping local buyers buying locally, instead of shopping
elsewhere to avoid the high taxes here.  When it comes to expensive purchases like cars and trucks, the price difference is

McSpadden Ford has been well served by the tax cap, and so has the city of Globe. Not only are local buyers keeping their tax
money here with their purchases, but the tax cap makes McSpadden Ford attractive to out of town fleet buyers, who otherwise
shop elsewhere.  More local money stays here, more out of town money comes here. And McSpadden Ford encourages visitors
to check Globe out by promoting other local businesses.

Since 2011, McSpadden Ford has watched their sales tax collections steadily increase.  Removing the tax cap will not only see
those gains disappear, but McSpadden Ford believes that ultimately it will have the opposite effect of what the city council is
trying to achieve:  The total city sales tax collected in Globe will decline due to lost vehicle sales at all dealerships.

If you would like to voice your opinion on this issue, here's who to contact:

Globe City Council - Click on the names below to see their official online pages including district boundary maps.

Phone: (928) 200-2626

Cell Phone: (928) 812-0081

Cell: (928) 719-1776

Phone: (928) 425-7146 Ext. 33
Cell: (928) 701-2539

Phone: 480-299-5910

Cell: 928-487-4005

Cell: (928) 719-1370