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Tuesday February 7, 2017   10:00 AM  
Gila County Courthouse

Congratulations to Anita Escobedo and Mike Golden
Both have worked for the County for 40 years.  They
received service awards at yesterday's Regular Meeting of
the Gila County Board of Supervisors.  Tiffany Poarch got
an award for 30 yeas on the job. Rebecca Barajas and
Barney Branstetter have been with the County for 25 years.
In all, over 85 employees were recognized for at least five
years of service.  The list and pictures are here.

Court administrator Jonathan Bearup was a last-minute
stand-in for Judge Timothy White who was called to sit on
the State Supreme Court.  Bearup described the Gila County
Superior Court's Victim Friendly Court Initiative and
announced a presentation of the program this coming
Monday at 1 pm.  The public is welcome to attend. 

Two appointees to a Cobre Valley Regional Aquatic Center
subcommittee were supposed to be chosen at the meeting,
but two things got in the way.  The agenda was written for
discussion not action, and County Attorney Jeff Dalton was
supposed to check into whether there would be a conflict of
interest.  But this was the first Dalton heard about it.  “You
caught me flatfooted,” he quipped.  Supervisor Tim
Humphrey and Deputy County Manager Michael Scannell
have been temporarily appointed to the subcommittee and
unless Dalton finds a conflict, they will be confirmed at an
upcoming meeting.

Sarah White from the Finance Office revealed the County
had an ongoing relationship with Palace Pharmacy to fill
drug needs for inmates in the Gila County Jail, but she said
now that Palace was sold to CVS, the County has decided to
put the matter up for bid.  An advertisement soliciting
Requests for Proposals was approved.

Bids were reviewed for three new full size, three-quarter ton
pick up trucks, two with snow plows attached. There were
only two bidders, and the winner was McSpadden Ford.  The
trucks will cost a bit over $28,000 each.

Appointees were selected for various pension fund boards.
Supervisor Woody Cline will sit on the PSPRS, the Public
Safety Personnel Retirement System and the CORP, the
Correction Officers Retirement Plan covering Sheriff's
Office Dispatchers.  Supervisor Tim Humphrey will sit on
the CORP covering Sheriff's Office Detention and
non-uniformed Officers, and the Gila Community College
Allied Health Care Advisory Committee.

Globe City Engineer Jerry Barnes attended to speak on
behalf of Habitat For Humanity. Barnes announced the
completion of a house that is being given to Naomi
Urguidez, an accountant for Pinal Lumber in Globe.  There
will be a dedication this Saturday morning at 10:30.  The
public is invited at 5973 Kinnemur Ave in Claypool. A GPS
is advised.

The Habitat For Humanity House

Baby Chicks arrived Friday (2/10)
& Baby Boer Goats were born (2/11)

Hoofin It Feed & Tack - 6057 S. Russell Rd

Wednesday February 15, 2017  
6:00 PM   City Council Chambers

Approval of the latest WIFA loan has been delayed, it was
announced at Wednesday night's Regular Meeting of the City
of Globe Mayor and Council.   City Engineer Jerry Barnes
said instead of the approval he was expecting, he got a
request from WIFA for additional accounting.   Newly
appointed Finance Director Jeannie Sgroi has finished
compiling the necessary figures and they have been supplied
to WIFA. 

Robert Snyder of Snyder & Butler, the accounting firm
handling the city's audit, announced his preliminary findings
of Globe's Fiscal Year 2015-16 audit, in an 84 page draft. 
He said the City was financially healthy with a current net
worth of $4.9 million.  In 2015-16, there was $9.8 million in
revenue and $9.8 million in expenses.  Snyder proclaimed it
a clean audit with the city's accounting in order, however
when it came to the requirements for WIFA reporting, it's
un-clean, meaning he could only offer a qualified opinion, as
he did not have the figures the city recently gave to WIFA. 
For 2015-16, $3.9 million was spent on WIFA projects. 

The total cost of the audit is $55,168, which is $17,568
higher than anticipated due to problems arising from missing
figures.  The Council approved the additional cost. 

In accordance with standard auditing accounting principles,
the unfunded pension liability is $3.6 million, but City
Manger Paul Jepson stressed that the total liability is actually
$14 million, which is still a formidable economic hurdle for
the city. 

Sgroi said she has already put procedures in place to keep
track of revenue and assure that it is at the level WIFA
requires.  Barnes said he expects to have WIFA approval by
April, and will then know how much of the loan will be
forgiven, meaning the portion Globe will not be required to
repay.  Barnes originally thought $1 million of the $3 million
loan would be forgiven, but he now believes it could be as
low as $500,000. 
Mayor Al Gameros noted that Superior has been doing a
much better job marketing itself than Globe. He cited
Superior's recent home tour, which sold significantly more
tickets than Globe's similar venue.  Gameros has formed a
marketing task force to address Globe's lackluster
promotion.  Appointed to it initially are Rosalie Ayalla of
the Nofsger Hill Inn, Kim McSpadden of McSpadden Ford,
Kevin Long of Horne Motors, Rebecca Williams of Dream
Manor Inn, Eileen Townsend of the Drift Inn & Farley's
Pub, and one other- the proprietor of a local motel who
would not confirm her name when KQSS phoned her

While all members have a vested interest in promoting the
area, none have a marketing background.  KQSS questioned
Jepson about adding a staff member with relevant experience
to spearhead economic development.  Jepson deferred,
suggesting it be a county position, unaware that it had
already been proposed by the IDA and turned down by Gila
County three years ago.

Councilwoman Charlene Giles recently attended the
Canadian Picnic at South Mountain in Phoenix to promote
Globe.  She brought a thousand packets to give away, not
expecting the 4,000 people that attended.   

Gameros announced that SB-1416, the bill that would allow
the county to join the taxing district being created for the
coming Aquatic Center, had passed the Senate Finance
Committee according to bill sponsor Senator Frank Pratt
It will now advance to the full state senate for a vote. 

Jepson discussed the steps necessary for a taxing district to
collect revenue, including creating a board elected solely by
the vote of property owners in the district.

Gameros said that drugs are still a large problem in Globe. 
The IDA has received a five-year grant to combat the issue. 
The Copper Basin Coalition will have a Drug Awareness
Walk on March 4th from the Gila County Courthouse to
Globe City Hall.

An IGA was reinstituted between the Globe Police
Department and the Gila County Sheriff's Office, for Globe
to participate in the Gila County Drug, Gang and Violent
Crimes task force.  An agreement previously in place had
lapsed.  Sheriff Adam Shepherd and Task Force leader
Travis Baxley were in attendance but did not speak.

A 2016, Ford F-150 pickup was acquired from Pinnacle
Nissan in Scottsdale for a total price of $28,000 including
tax.  The Bluebook value for the used truck with 26,000
miles on it is $32,000.  A vehicle meeting the specific
requirements was not available locally.

The second-quarter bed tax fund distribution was tabled
because the Downtown Association, of the five entities
benefitted by the tax had not completed their paperwork. 
The other associations include the Historical Society,
Chamber of Commerce, Arts Center and the EDC.

Besh Ba Gowah director Leana Asberry came before the
Council requesting to use $11,000 that had been earmarked
for repairs, for the installation of a fence.  The Council
approved.  Asberry said that while repairs are needed, a more
pressing concern is preventing the vandalism that is
occurring because the site is not protected. Councilmember
Freddy Rios enquired whether the amount available would
be sufficient to fence the whole property.  Asberry was
uncertain but will come back to the Council with those
figures. Fortunately, she added, some of the property is on
steep cliff that won't require fencing. 

Miami Councilmember Susan Hanson appeared to promote
the Habitat For Humanity House dedication this Saturday,
10:30 to noon at 5973 E. Kinnemur Avenue in Claypool. 

Sherry Rice, who heads the Friends of the Library in Globe
updated the Council on the Children's Book Club that began
February 10th and meets at the library for four consecutive
Saturday mornings.  As the theme is Beauty and the Beast,
an entire performance of the upcoming children's musical at
the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts was bought and tickets
will be given away to book club participants.  

In addition to Sgroi's appointment as Finance Director
replacing Joe Jarvis, Linda Oddonetto has been hired as
Paul Jepson's Executive Assistant, replacing C.C. Bernal
who retired.  Councilmembers Roberta Lee Johnson and
Lerry Alderman were not in attendance at the meeting. 

Gila County's
Victim Friendly Court Initative
Public Walk-through Monday (2/13)

JonBearup, Court Administrator &
Superior Court Judge Timothy White
Tuesday February 21, 2017  10:00   Gila County Courthouse

An agreement was approved between the Gila County Drug,
Gang and Violent Crimes Task Force and the Globe Police
Department at this morning's Regular Meeting of the Gila
County Board of Supervisors.

Travis Baxley, Commander of the Task Force presented the
IGA.  The County will be using a $40,000 grant from the
Arizona Criminal Justice Commission for the Globe Police
Department to hire one officer for the Task Force. 

Commander Baxley said he is seeing a major uprising in
gang activities that is a common problem for the City and
County.  In answer to Supervisor Woody Cline, Baxley who
appeared with Sheriff Adam Shepherd and Globe Police
Chief Mark Nipp, confirmed that the problem is getting
worse every day. 

While Commander Baxley has applied for additional grants
and feels there is money in the future, he reported that the
Arizona Criminal Justice Commission was unlikely to
provide additional funds before Fiscal year 2019-20. 

GC Sheriff Adam Shepherd & Globe PD Chief Mark Nipp

With Supervisor Tommie Martin appearing electronically
from Payson, Supervisor Tim Humphrey presided over the
meeting from Globe.  The Supervisors voted unanimously to
approve a pedestrian sidewalk along Main Street in Central
Heights between Highway 60 and Central Avenue.  Funding
is primarily from ADOT, which will supply $79,000. Gila
County's portion is $4,800.

Supervisor Martin reported she is leaving for Washington
DC on Friday to attend the National Association of Counties,
NACo, conference.  She will also spend time with the Forest
Service and Gila County's legislative consultants.

Saturday February 18, 2017

Naomi Urguidez - new home owner

crowd at the dedication
Regular Meeting of the Town of
Miami Mayor and Council
Monday February 27, 2017   6:30 PM
Town Council Chambers   Sullivan Street

If you're a Miami homeowner, you might be able to save the
$5 a month you now pay for bulk trash, thanks to the
passage of an amendment of a town ordinance at last night's
Regular Meeting of the Town of Miami Mayor and Council. 
Utility coordinator, Tashiana Jerrols, presented the
amendment to the Council, explaining that homeowners with
no trees or shrubbery on their property would be able to
exempt themselves from the mandatory monthly fee.  The
Council unanimously passed the amendment but
Councilmember Rosemary Castaneda added that
complaints about the trash fee have been going on for years
and she doesn't think it's completely solvable. 

Acting Miami Police Chief Spence Preston gave the report
for the week of February 20th.  There were 113 calls; 14
citations, two of which were DUIs; five 911 calls, two of
which were medical; and 17 agency assists.  Mayor Darryl
Dalley referenced the number of accidents along Highway
60 and wondered if there were statistics for accidents on
Route 60 within the Town of Miami.  Chief Preston said he
was in the process of gathering that information for a grant
application and would provide it to the Council soon.

Ann Petty from The Copper Circle Sustainability
Consortium, a group of local businesses and mining
companies, gave an overview of the group's first project-- 
lighting Bullion Plaza.  She explained that the Consortium
expects upwards of $200,000 in donations, utilizing Miami
Genesis' 501c3 tax-exempt status. The project will unfold in
three phases-the first will cover a new transformer and
electrical lighting in the field in front of Bullion Plaza. The
second will procure and install ambient walkway and special
event lighting equipment, and the third will produce a new
digital LED sign for Bullion Plaza on Highway 60.  Petty
revealed that the initial planning did not incorporate the
Rotary Club's Story Walk.  She said her group is working
with the Rotary to coordinate lighting with their exhibits. 
The Council praised the effort and unanimously gave their
consent for the new lighting, which will be all state of the art

Town Manager Joe Heatherly gave the library report.  Parts
were ordered to get the heater fixed and a White Elephant
Sale, hosted by the Friends of the Miami Memorial Library,
will take place this weekend, Friday and Saturday, March
3rd and 4th.

The Public Works Department is cooperating with an outside
company for video tracing of the pipelines involved in
Phases Three through Five of the wastewater project.
Heatherly explained that the Town shouldn't be caught off
guard by obstructions or collapses, which video tracing will
reveal, if present. He also provided an update on the project.

Phase Two was completed in January, with the exception of
a couple of sink holes.  No one knows what's causing the
problem yet.  Heatherly sent a letter to the construction
company Friday asking them to address the issue, but he said
if they don't fix it, remaining funds would cover an outside

Heatherly met with the USDA recently and believes that the
contract for Phases Three through Five will be had soon.  He
mentioned that the USDA was concerned with the aggressive
timetable for completing those phases. Miami has proposed
a 14-month schedule, which is much faster than the prior
phases and will take four crews working continually to

There's still no final word on the theft of funds that occurred
last year. Heatherly said the investigator has told him the
Town will have an answer as to the perpetrators by the end
of the week.  Heatherly also expects a preliminary audit
report for the last fiscal year this week.    There will be staff
meetings in the next few weeks for Fiscal Year 2017-18

Collections on past due wastewater accounts are going well. 
All Miami businesses are now current and residential
collections are up. 

The Industrial Technology Division of Gila Pueblo College,
across from the mines on Route 60 in Miami, is building a
nice big shed for a class project that will be donated to the

Councilmember Susan Hanson reported the Habitat for
Humanity dedication went well.  She thanked all those who

Councilmember Angel Medina updated the Council on the
Boomtown Spree to be held April 8th and passed along word
he heard that state Senate Bill 1416, allowing Gila County to
join the special tax district for the coming aquatic center, had
passed in the senate.  The bill is now in a state house
committee in preparation for a full house vote.

Michael 23 from the Miami Arts Commission came to talk
about the annual Miami Loco Arts Festival, April 21st
through the 23rd, which will include the use of Veterans
Memorial and Bullion Plaza parks, street closures and
barricades.   Michael 23, the new project manager for
Taliesen's rehab efforts in the area, announced his plans to
incorporate the project with Festival events.

Former Vice Mayor Don Reiman came to speak out against
the Festival. He's a business owner on Sullivan Street and his
experience is that the Festival does not contribute to the
economic health of Miami, and in fact hinders it by shutting
down access to existing businesses when a principal street is

Councilmember Michael Black noted that last year's event
caused damage to a ceramic pot outside City Hall. Michael
23 promised to have it fixed, saying he had not heard about
it previously.

After much discussion, the Council agreed to closure of
Sullivan Street confined to one block, which includes City

Councilmember Castaneda reminded everyone that the Gila
County Science Fair for elementary school students is to be
held at Bullion Plaza next week, on March 7th.

Regular Meeting of the City of
Globe Mayor and Council
Tuesday February 28, 2017  6:00 PM
City Council Chambers    Pine Street

If you live in Globe or Miami, you're invited to ride in the
upcoming ATV Jamboree for free, according to
Councilmember Lerry Alderman at Tuesday night's
Regular Meeting of the Mayor and Council.  It's coming up
earlier this year, March 23rd through the 26th.

The first meeting for the Fiscal Year 2017-18 budget will be
held next week-March 7th, 6:00 PM at in the City Council
Chambers.  The final Fiscal Year 2015-16 audit was
presented by Robert Snyder with minimal updates to the
presentation he gave at the last Globe Council meeting.  It's
still a clean opinion, with the exception of a qualified
opinion for the WIFA portion.  Reviewing the WIFA fund
figures he recently received, Snyder said what was
previously a $191,000 loss is actually a $31,000 gain.  And
the sewer fund balance is not as dire as it appeared. What
was a $380,000 loss is actually a loss of $254,000, based on
the recently acquired figures

The Council approved the distribution for the second quarter
bed tax revenue.  Proceeds are divvied up between the
Historical Society, Chamber of Commerce,  Economic
Development Corporation, Downtown Association and
Cobre Valley Arts Center.  Last year, proceeds from the fund
were capped at $100,000 but it was anticipated that the bed
tax would bring in $200,000 this year, so the cap was lifted
and the first quarter distribution was made under the
expectation of $200,000.  Unfortunately, that expectation is
about double what is expected.  So the remaining three
quarters will be downward adjusted to compensate for the
over payment in the first quarter. 

The Council approved three applications for the Freeport
McMoran Community Investment Fund grant.  Freeport will
dole out $250,000. The deadline for applying is March 15th. 
Globe is asking for $50,000 for renovations to Besh Ba
Gowah,  $45,000 or $90,000 depending on whether one or
two new police vehicles are requested, and $60,000 to fight
blight by knocking down abandoned properties.

Speaking of blight, Nurd Berger Café owner Taylor
Harrison appeared on behalf of the renovations and cleanup
he's done to his restaurant located at 420 S. Hill Street.  He's
experienced three break-ins, the neighborhood is plagued
with drug problems and long-standing blight.  To further
spruce up his property, he commissioned a mural from a San
Carlos artist for the side of his building, in keeping with his
Star Wars-themed eatery.  KQSS feels he should get a medal,
but what he got was a citation, for a permit he didn't know
was required. He came to ask for the permit-but it turns out
to not be that simple.  Not simple at all.  In fact, not even

Nurd Berger Cafe

Nurd Berger Mural

Since the 2010 acquisition of the old school building, the
area is covered by Globe Preservation Advisory Committee
guidelines.  Based on how it looks, they're preserving blight.
Apart from the obvious, was the murky.  No one seemed to
know what the codes actually were.  A break for executive
session yielded no clarity. The item was tabled and  City
staff was directed to come back to the Council with
guidelines that make sense.

It's KQSS' opinion that penalizing Nurd Berger makes
absolutely no sense.  Unlike other properties nearby, this one
actually brings tax revenue to the city, great hamburgers for
residents, and a fun destination on a block that otherwise has
no fun.  The best thing the Preservation Advisory Committee
could do would be to leave Harrison alone, and pray he
doesn't decide to relocate to an area that will appreciate his

Globe is getting a Facebook page.  Linda Oddonetto will
administer it.  Guidelines were codified at the meeting. 
Mayor Al Gameros announced the Jerry Barnes absence
was due to the death of his father-in-law.  City Manger Paul
Jepson confirmed that SB 1416, the bill that would let Gila
County join the taxing district for the coming aquatic center
did pass the full state senate.  It's now waiting for
assignment to a state house committee.  He predicted it will
ultimately pass.

Jepson announced that State Rep David Cook will be
visiting the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts this Saturday.

Also on Saturday, there will be a 10:00 AM walk from the
courthouse to Globe City Hall to highlight the issue of drug
abuse, according to Chuck Turney from the Copper Basin
Coalition, which is sponsoring the event.

L-R:  Paul Jepson, Steve Chasse, Al Gameros

Steve Chasse from APS presented a check for $39,000 to
the City of Globe as a rebate for its infrastructure upgrade. 
Mayor Gameros presented a certificate of appreciation to
student Kendra Martinez for her efforts in securing a
$1,000 grant to paint the Globe Public Library.

L-R:  Adrea Ricke, Kendra Martinez, Al Gameros

The Council approved $35,575 for apparatus needed to outfit
the new fire truck. The money is coming from wildland

Bruce Binkley, chairman of the Old Dominion Mine Park
Committee gave an update on the park.  The 17 year old
venue is kept up by volunteers who have contributed 4800
hours worth of work, valued at $702,000, if they were paid.

A discussion but no action on the possibility of a new dog
park took place.  The possibilities include dividing up the
existing park into sections for small and large dogs, or
refurbishing the park and returning it to use for ballparks,
with a new dog park to be located nearby.  The Parks and
Recreation Committee will discuss it at their next meeting. 

Janice Shumway is appointed to the Planning and Zoning
Commission. The committee is still lacking a member. If
you're interested contact City Clerk Shelly Salazar.

Councilmembers attended a retreat workshop in December. 
Among the items discussed was possible merit raises for city
employees.  There's not been a blanket raise in over three
years.  Other topics included updating the city web site and
dealing with blight.  They might want to consider rewarding
Nurd Berger for that.