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MARCH 2017

Tuesday March 7, 2017  10:00 AM

Four employees were recognized at this morning's Regular
Meeting of the Gila County Board of Supervisors:  Payson
court clerk Megan Miller, and the Sheriff's office's David
Hornung, Brian Dirks and Dennis Newman.

The Board gave returning County Manager John F. Nelson a
two year contract effective last week on March 1st.  He's
making $122,091.00 a year.  Nelson serves at the pleasure of
the Board.
Tuesday March 28, 2017  10:00 AM

In reality, Gila County has virtually no code enforcement. 
That stunning news came out of Tuesday morning's Work
Session of the Gila County Board of Supervisors.  According
to County Finance Manger James Menlove, the code
enforcement division is losing money.  It's not because
enough fines weren't levied, but that collection is virtually
non-existent.  Since 2014, almost $100,000 dollars in fines
have been issued.  But only just over $4,000 has been

One of the problems that Menlove highlighted was that the
person who hears the case is not a judge, merely a county
employee.  One of his suggestions was to use an outside
private entity to levy fines, but according to Supervisor
Tommi Martin, that's been tried in the past.  All three
Supervisors agreed that the current set up isn't working, and
felt that utilizing an outside collection firm was a necessary
component, but regarding how the cases should be heard and
who would levy the fines remains elusive.  Study and
discussion will continue.

Erin Collins of the Arizona Local Government Employee
Benefit Trust (AZLGEBT) presented information on Gila
County's membership in the Trust and requested its renewal
for three years.  It was unanimously granted.  The
AZLGEBT was formed in 1994 with three county members: 
Graham, Greenlee and Santa Cruz.  Gila County joined in
1999. Other current members include Apache and La Paz
counties, the County Supervisors Association, the Arizona
Association of Counties, and the Arizona Counties Insurance
Pool.   The self-insured trust is a private corporation owned
jointly by its members, providing medical, prescription,
dental, life and disability insurance benefits to 4,000 county

A discussion on the funding challenges faced by the
Pinal-Gila Council for Senior Citizens took place.  The
Council is one of eight agencies for seniors in Arizona.  The
Council's Olivia Guerrero spoke at the meeting, explaining
the dwindling support for senior citizens from the both state
and federal government.  Revenue from state and federal
sources has declined every year since 2010.   One of the
Council's biggest functions is providing Meals on Wheels,
but they provide other in-home services as well.  The
Council allocates 75% of its resources to Pinal County and
25% to Gila County, based on the relative population.

The 2010 census showed a total of 53,597 residents in Gila
County.  32%, almost 17,000 individuals, are over the age of
60. Gila County has several senior centers including one in
Globe and one in Miami. Supervisor Woody Cline proposed
the County's participation to be in the form of a line item
budget of $150,000 to be divided among the county's senior
Tuesday March 28, 2017  6:00 PM
City Council Chambers - Pine Street

A year delay associated with the coming regional aquatic
center was revealed at Tuesday night's Regular Meeting of
the City of Globe Mayor and Council.  City Manger Paul
Jepson announced that the state bill that would have allowed
Gila County to be part of the taxing district was blocked in
the house.  The committee and its supporters will now need
to focus on securing a vote on it next year.

For now Nurd Berger's sign is OK.  The case against the
restaurant's artwork was heard, and it was dismissed with
prejudice.   The City will now work on resolving conflicting
city signage codes, something Director of Planning and
Zoning, Chris Collopy, wholeheartedly supports.  

Councilmember Lerry Alderman reported that the ATV
Jamboree was a success- out-of-towners enjoyed the event
and will come back. Globe Police Chief Mark Nipp said
there were 92 trail riders, and a total of 124 registrants, half
of which were local residents with registration fees waived. 
A regional Polaris rep who attended the event and went on
the trail rides is interested in promoting it in the future.


Canine Evo along along with Fire Marshall Joe
Bracamonte were presented with an 'above and beyond'
award for their work on the arson investigation of a fire on
South Broad Street by the old Cody James music store. 
Bracamonte got a certificate.  No word on whether Evo got a

As happened at this week's Miami meeting, a proclamation
was passed declaring April as Child Abuse Prevention

A discussion with no action on whether the city should sell
the Arlington Water Tank was had.  The million-gallon tank
was built in 1978 and rehabbed in 2005 at a cost of
$100,000.  Losing the tank would not impact the water
supply or the ability of the fire department to combat blazes. 
It was decided that before a decision, the City should first
determine whether Arizona Water Company would want it,
what it might be worth, and how selling it would impact the
cost of maintaining Globe's water infrastructure.

Councilmember Mike Stapleton thanked those involved in
planting flowers last weekend, and reminded the City that
next weekend there are both Home and Cemetery Tours.

Councilmember Charlene Giles said Saturday, April 29th
from 7 to 11 a.m., is volunteer day at Old Dominion Mine
Park. Anyone who wants to help in the park's clean up is

Mayor Al Gameros mourned the passing of former fire
fighter Steve Arthur. His memorial will be held at Lamont
Mortuary on April 7th.  Gameros also announced a joint
meeting of the Globe and Miami Councils to be held at
Bullion Plaza on May 18th.

And the Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center Health Fare
is this Saturday morning.
Monday March 27, 2017  6:30 PM
Miami Town Council Chambers - Sullivan Street

Miami's sinkhole problem was a topic of discussion at
Monday night's Regular Meeting of the Town's Mayor and
Council, which was held just after a joint meeting of the
Town and the Arizona Municipal Corporation. 

Peterson Geotechnical is evaluating the status of phase two
of the sewer project and are currently doing soil samples and
compaction testing.  The sink holes have appeared in three
Miami areas-Sullivan Street, Bullion Plaza and Live Oak.  It
has not been positively determined that the sink holes are
attributable to the sewer project.  Peterson's results should be
available within the next three weeks.

Spence Preston gave the police report for the week of March
20th.  There were 137 calls for service, 17 traffic stops, two
911 calls, and 15 agency assists.  In answer to a question
from Mayor Darryl Dalley, Preston said the new police
vehicles have been ordered and should arrive in the next two

Mayor Dalley announced new leadership at CAG.  Andrea
Robles is the acting head of the association of Central
Arizona Governments.  April was proclaimed Child Abuse
Prevention Month, and this year's Boomtown Spree has been
cancelled.  It is scheduled next year for April 14th. 

A special event liquor license was issued to the Friends of
the NRA for their upcoming fundraiser auction and dinner at
Bullion Plaza on Saturday April 22nd from 4:30 to 11:30

A 5-year renewal of the lease agreement with Pinal-Gila
Community Services, Inc. for Head Start space in the
property next to Bullion Plaza was approved.

There was some confusion between the Town of Miami and
Gila County regarding magistrate services.  Both want to
negotiate a new contract, and restructure the $260,000 debt
incurred by Miami for outstanding charges, so that the
amount owed can be lowered.

The Hats Off Champagne Brunch, silent auction and raffle,
highlighting domestic violence will be held on Saturday
April 8th from 9:30 to 1 p.m.

Three resolutions were passed in the joint meeting with the
Arizona Municipal Corporation.  All deal with the USDA
grants for the wastewater project.