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JULY 2017

Monday July 10, 2017   6:30 PM
Town Council Chambers - Sullivan Street

Miami's annual budget for the new fiscal year is $17,776,134
it was decided at Monday night's Regular Meeting of the
Mayor and Council.  Mayor Darryl Dalley and
Councilmembers Black and Mancha were absent.

A public hearing on the budget was held, but no one chose to
speak.  $13 million, the overwhelming majority of the
budget that was passed unanimously, is dedicated to the
sewer project.

Miami still owes the county a quarter of a million dollars for
magistrate fees, but Town Manger Joe Heatherly said the
amount was being re-negotiated.

Good news for the Town and its employees with regard to
increased deductions mandated by the state two years ago
for contributions to Arizona's PSPRS, the Public Service
Personnel Retirement System after an accounting change at
the state level uncovered massive underfunding by local
municipalities.  The towns took the matter to court which
overturned the mandated increase and ordered the additional
withholding to be returned.   For Miami, that's a total of
While that is good news, it is also an accounting headache as
regulations prohibit withdrawals from retirement funds. 
Heatherly suggested it might be possible to give workers a
credit on future contributions.

A resolution was approved changing the name of Cuprite
Avenue to Michael's Lane.  Problems have occurred with the
911 system due to a duplicate Cuprite Avenue in Central
Heights, causing response personnel to go to the wrong

Lt. Spence Preston gave the police report for June.  There
were 590 calls for service, 58 traffic stops, 49 citations, four
30 day impounds, 26 adult arrests, 12 juvenile arrests, 34
911 calls, 23 of which were medical, 16 animal control calls
and one vehicle was stolen.  Three new police cruisers are on
the street in service as of last Thursday.  

As for utility bill collections,  last month $71,000 was billed,
$59,000 was paid, leaving $12,000 unpaid. There are 11 new
utility accounts.

The garbage truck is still out of commission.  Parts on order
are expected shortly.

For June, the Senior center served 249 congregant meals,
made 577 home deliveries and provided over 600 kids' meals.

Heatherly read a letter the town is sending to Ed Muntz and
his wife Merilee, congratulating them on their 50th
anniversary and thanking them for their long legacy of
community service.

The lobby of the Miami Memorial Library has a brand new
mural, painted by local artist Patty Sjolin.  Councilmember
Rosemary Castaneda commented on what a great job she
did.  It's beautiful.  69 people signed up for the summer
reading program.  Next month there will be a joint event
with Bullion Plaza for the Solar Eclipse on August 21st. 

Phases three through five of the sewer project are being
consolidated into one, and bids will be solicited in early
August. Construction should begin in late September or
early October, with an anticipated 14 months for the project's
completion.  An executive session was held to discuss two
items in litigation-one with Bennu Properties, the other with
Kinkaid Civil Construction.
Regular Meeting of the City
of Globe Mayor and Council
Tuesday July 11, 2017  6:00 PM
Globe City Hall - Pine Street

The City of Globe's budget for Fiscal year 2017-18 was
revealed at Tuesday evening's Regular Meeting of the Mayor
and Council.  It is capped at $21,590,488, which includes,
among other expenditures, payment of $378,000 to the
PSPRS for retirement funds; $61,000 for Cobre Valley
Community Transit, $15,000 for various non-profit grants; 
$13,000 for the Cobre Valley Youth Program (the former
Boys & Girls Club); $10,000 for a marketing study; $4000
to be spent on social media; $3500 for the ATV Jamboree;
and $122,985 for the increase in employee health care
insurance costs, all of which will be picked up by the city. 
Prior to the budget's unanimous passage, a public hearing on
it was held, but no one chose to speak.

City Engineer Jerry Barnes outlined the five-year plan for
pavement and rehab of city streets.  The funding will come
from several sources including HURF, the half cent excise
tax, CDBG block grants, and the general fund.  Barnes said
that the total to be spent from Globe's general fund over the
five-year period will be only $150,000.

Globe has 138 miles of streets.  Less than 10 miles of streets
are ADOT property.  All of Globe's streets will be treated
over a 16-year period.  Treatment should last about 30 years. 
The plan is flexible and can be adopted or changed by future
Councils. Next year, the big project will be High Street,
including repairing and replacing water lines as needed. 

A contract was approved for $190,000 to repair the 70-year
old Pine Street well. The expense will be covered by WIFA
funds.  The rehab should double the well's capacity.  A letter
against Tri-Cities plan to build their own water treatment
plant was approved.  Globe, like Miami, believes the
wastewater infrastructure in the region can more than handle
Tri-Cities' needs.

An update was presented on the Emergency Watershed
Project to abate anticipated flooding.  Most of the creeks and
washes have been cleared, and the remaining areas,
including land near the Country Club north of Route 60, are
expected to be addressed in the next few days. 

Globe Police Chief Nipp announced the new phone numbers
citizens should use to contact the police department.  In the
event of a real emergency, Nipp stressed that people should
not hesitate to use 911.  For non-emergency matters, dispatch
can be reached 24 hours a day at 425-4436.  If that sounds
familiar, it is the resurrection of an old number.  For regular
business, call 425-5751.  The number will be answered live
during regular business hours, and once the message
machine is fixed, will take messages at other times.   The
WeTip hotline to anonymously report criminal activity is
800-782-7463.  That's 800 78 CRIME.  Walk-in reports can
be made by using the call booth in the police lobby.  Officers
will be handing out cards and magnets with the new contact
info as soon as they come in.

Keith Brekhus was a guest at the meeting.  He's a
well-known liberal political operative who is now a
consultant services representative for US Rep Tom
O'Halleran who fills the seat formerly occupied by Ann
Kirkpatrick.  Brekhus was there to announce that he will be
in town at the courthouse on the first and third Tuesdays of
each month between noon and 3.  He said he'd be glad to
help residents with any disability problems or veterans
issues. And he noted that Rep. O'Halleran serves on the
House's Agricultural committee that oversees the Forest
Service.  He advised anyone in the area with problems
related to the USFS to come see him.