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KQSS-FM Archives November 2016
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Tuesday November 1, 2016  10:00 AM 
Gila County Courthouse

Gila County has a new finance director.  James Menlove
was introduced Tuesday morning at the Regular Meeting of
the Gila County Board of Supervisors, held on Supervisor
John Marcanti's birthday.  Menlove has been the finance
director of Navajo County, which when he was hired was in
such disarray that audits were impossible.  Menlove rectified
all their financial problems before leaving. 

James Menlove

Three Copper Splashes and Certificates of Recognition were
awarded.  One went to Ashley N. Susan of the White
Mountain Apache and Walker River Paiute Tribes who was
crowned Miss Native American USA for 2016.  The other
two went to 2016 Olympic Medalists.  Brady Ellison won
an individual bronze and team silver for recurve archery and
Sam Dorman attained a silver medal for diving.

Brady Ellison

L-R:  Supervisors John Marcanti & MichaelPastor, 
Brady Ellison's grandad and dad.

Sam Dorman (and Mike Hixon)

Six Gila County workers were publicly recognized in the
Spotlight on Employees program for November.  They are
Jim Berry in Community Development and five women
from Treasurer's office:  Terri Powell, Tiffiney Tarango,
Martha Gonzales, Pamela Alvino and Denise Cox.

L-R: Terri, Tiffiney, Martha, Pamela, Denise

Jim Berry

The annual service agreement between the Gila County
Library District and the San Carlos Apache Tribe was
passed.  San Carlos will receive $33,600.

The County now has a $54,000 credit with Empire Cat. 
$237,000 worth of old equipment was turned in, in exchange
for the credit and one wheel loader including coupler, bucket
and forks.  

Congratulations to McSpadden Ford, the lowest bidder for
the eight 4X4 utility vehicles for the sheriff's office.

County manager Don McDaniel discussed a possible
realignment of county juvenile detention centers in the state. 
There's a declining population-currently Gila County has
between zero and three juveniles in custody, so the state is
looking at merging and closing facilities.

McDaniel also announced a November 15th open house for
the public and staff, to be held after the Board of Supervisors

Birthday Boy John Marcanti

If you noticed a man walking through Globe today
(Wednesday 11/2) carrying a huge cross....

...and wondered what it was all about, that's Steve Epp of
The Well who is traversing America, from North Carolina to
San Diego, spreading the good news about Jesus Christ to
the discouraged and downtrodden.

He's got a gofund me page that explains more about his
journey, as well as a facebook page, here.

If you'd like to send him an email, click here.

Monday November 14, 2016   6:30 PM
Town Council Chambers   Sullivan Street

Gambling is coming to Miami, at least in the form of church
bingo according to approval given at last night's Regular
Meeting of the Town of Miami Mayor and Council.  But this
is not your grandma's bingo, explained Mary Stemm, regent
of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas local branch who
touted the new equipment and plans.  When she explained to
the Council that raising money is vital to the survival of Our
Lady of the Blessed Sacrament church, the bingo license was

Magistrate Rebecaa Baeza swore in the relected council
members-Mike Black and Sammy Gonzales in person.  She
also swore in newly elected Ruben Mancha by phone.   The
Council reelected Darryl Dalley as mayor, with Sammy
Gonzales as vice mayor, replacing Don Reiman who exits
the Council.

Councilmember Susan Hanson recognized vice mayor Don
Reiman for his service to the Town, and offered hearty
thanks for his efforts.   

Evelyn Vargas, Chairman of the Cobre Valley Regional
Aquatic Center Committee gave a presentation on the pool
along with committee members Bryan Seppala and Paul
Jepson.  She reviewed the events to date from the 2014
permanent closing of the Globe city pool to the present. At
the time of the pool closing, Globe Mayor Terry Wheeler
formed a task force to work on a new facility.  A site analysis
was done, with five sites under consideration.

In 2015, the task force was dissolved in favor of the current
committee. 501c3 status for the coming facility is expected
shortly and sites are now down to just two, with sites near
High Desert Middle School, the Country Club and Miami
High, no longer in contention.

Site A is on Highway 60 near Main Street across from
Hilltop Motors.  The 4.5 acre parcel would be donated by
McSpadden Ford.  The cost of building the aquatic center
there would be $7.9 million.

Site B is at Russell Road and US 60, behind Vonnie's pizza. 
It's an 18.5 acre parcel that would be donated by BHP. Cost
of building the facility there would be $7.7 million.

It seems like a no-brainer that Site B would be the better
choice, but apparently there's more to it than that, and a
public meeting will be convened on November 30th at 6:00
PM at the Miami High auditorium, for you to have an
opportunity to weigh in on the decision.

A special tax district needs to be formed to include
Wheatfields, Miami, Globe, the nearby unincorporated areas
of Gila County and possibly San Carlos.  No taxes will be
incurred for the construction phase which the committee
believes will be done solely by donation, but to operate what
is planned as a 9 month a year facility, a budget of $300,000
is required.

The police report was given by Officer Dan Rodriguez. For
the month of October, Miami PD received 542 calls for
service, made 52 traffic stops with 36 citations issued, and
made 20 arrests. There's a new security system in place at
the police department and at Miami Veteran's Memorial
Park.  Miami PD also now has cameras for the interrogation
room.  Officer Rodriguez reported that Halloween night
came and went without incident.

Kristy Regalado, the new director of the senior center said
there were 976 meals served in October, including 529 home
delivered. She reported $782 in donations.

Josh Derhammer, the new code enforcement officer, said
he's working on a new burn ordinance and a new safety
policy.  For the month of October, his department had 13
animal calls, issued 4 building permits and 2 citations.

Town Manager Joe Heatherly gave an update on the Merritt
Ramp project.  The sidewalks will soon be under
construction and Joe anticipates finishing them in the next
three weeks.

Mary Wilkerson, a prevention specialist with SEABHS gave
a brief presentation.  There will be a town hall meeting
tonight at 6:00 PM to address opiod abuse in the Globe
Miami area, including alternatives to prescription opoids for
people with chronic pain.

Councilmember Angel Media said there will be a boomtown
spree meeting tonight.

The Miami High Anti-Tobacco Squad reminded the public of
the Great American Smokeout tomorrow,  Thursday the
17th, and gave an update on the smoke free cleanup of
Miami Veteran's Memorial Park.

Globe Councilmember Charlene Giles, Chairman of Globe
Clean & Beautiful reported the Saturday cleanup was a great
success.  Sofas, refrigerators, tires and 80 bags of trash were
collected with the help of 50 volunters.

Mayor Dalley thanked the cleanup volunteers.  He also
thanked the Senior Center for the Veteran's lunch they had
last Thursday, and said that the Veteran's Day parade was a
great success.
Tuesday November 15, 2016   6:00 PM
City Council Chambers - Pine Street

A change in the guard occurred at last night's Regular
Meeting of the City of Globe Mayor and Council, which is
the only Council meeting to be held this month.

Outgoing members James Haley and Eric Mariscal, who
did not run for reelection were recognized along with Mayor
Terry Wheeler, who lost his bid for a district seat. 


The Honorable John Perlman gave the oath of office to new
Councilmembers Charlene Giles and Freddy Rios,
returning member Mike Humphrey, and new Mayor, Al
Gameros.  Al was presented with the mayor's gavel and his
first act was to nominate Mike Stapleton as vice mayor.
Stapleton was elected unanimously. 

Charlene Giles

Freddy Rios

Al Gameros

Wheeler reflected on his 16 years of service and said it's
been a lot of fun.  He was first elected in 1998.  He wanted
to specifically thank Shelly Salazar, Gary Robinson, Mark
Nipp, Jerry Barnes, Chris Collopy, Paul Jepson, Attorney
Bill Simms, the staffs of the Active Adult Center, the Library
and Besh Ba Gowah, and his wife, Diana. He also gave a
nod to Tony Valenzuela who takes care of the cemetery
“because he knows where all the bodies are buried”.

Haley gave thanks for the opportunity to twice serve on the
Council.  He said he loved being a thorn in the side of Mayor
Terry Wheeler, and was proud to be on the Council to vote
down photo radar, and proud of the council's commitment to
the city's infrastructure and improving city management.

Mariscal noted that on the City Council, “we try to do our
best” and wished the best of luck to the new mayor and
council members.  He also mentioned that Globe Clean and
Beautiful did a great job on Highway 60 last weekend.

Councilmember Roberta Lee Johnson said it was a
pleasure working with Wheeler and Haley. She also reported
having a great time on the recent underground mine tour at
Resolution Copper, going down 7,000 feet and finding out it
rains down there.

Councilmember Mike Stapleton said he appreciated all the
Mayor has done and enjoyed working with everyone and is
looking forward to working with the new members.  He also
mentioned that his restaurant, The Copper Hen, will be
feeding the needy on Thanksgiving Day and that anyone
who needs a dinner should stop on by.

Councilmember Lerry Alderman agreed it was a pleasure
to serve with Wheeler, Haley and Mariscal. He reported that
the Halloween festivities were great with a huge turnout of
about 4,000 people. He also wanted to give a shout out to
Globe's newest business, Clint's Blue Line BBQ, which
opened yesterday and is now his favorite restaurant.  And he
mentioned that the IDA received a $400,000 grant from the
EPA for business redevelopment.

City Manager Paul Jepson termed the election a historically
significant event with two new councilmembers and a new

A delicious cake was served to all in attendance. 

There was a special presentation and ceremony for Sgt.
Chuck Haines, who was recognized by Globe Police Chief
Mark Nipp, upon his retirement after 20 years of service.

Globe Police Chief Mark Nipp congratulates Sgt. Chuck Haines
(L), on his retirement after 20 years of service to the department.

Nipp also mentioned the opoid abuse meeting to be held
tonight at 6:00 at the Miami High auditorium.

Yvette Angulo from the Salvation Army talked about the bell
ringing program and appealed for volunteers. 

KQSS' Jon Cornell donated a sign for the Noftsger Hill Dog

The Council approved the purchase of a fire truck for
$483,000- with sales tax that comes to $526,000.  They also
gave approval to the city manager to begin negotiation of a
four-year contract with current service provider Right Away
Disposal to continue sanitation collection services.

Jodi Martin, Globe's Utility Office Manager, got approval
from the Council to issue a notice of intent regarding the
adjustment of the “additional residential trash container
rate”, increasing it from $6 to $10 per month. Approval is
expected this winter.

The Council decided on the distribution of non-profit
funding.  The Fiscal Year 2016-17 awards totaling $15,000
will be disbursed as follows:  $6,000 to the Gila County
Community Food Bank; $5,500 to the Boys & Girls Club;
$2,500 to the Arizona Youth Partnershp; and $1,000 to the
Globe-Miami Community Concert Association.

Also approved was the disbursement of the first quarter bed
tax revenue.

The December 27th Council meeting was cancelled, leaving
December with one meeting on the 13th.  There will be a
council retreat on December 19th for the members to talk
amongst themselves. 

More pictures from the meeting are here.

Unsuccessful Sheriff Candidate Darrell Stubbs removes his
signs.   Stubbs ran as an independent and got an impressive
37.88% of the vote.
Monday November 28, 2016 6:30  PM 
Town Council Chambers  Sullivan Street

If you haven't been paying your utility bills in the Town of
Miami, you're about to meet a collection agency. At Monday
night's Regular Meeting of the Town of Miami Mayor and
Council, it was decided to engage Valley Collections to
encourage your payment.  There needs to be a revision to
some wording in the Town code but after that, hello Valley
Collections and goodbye free ride..

It was unanimously approved that Don Reiman is the Town's
nominee for the Wastewater Advisory Board.

And some street closures were approved to accommodate
“Small Town Christmas” on Saturday December 17th from
9:00 AM to noon.  The closures include Sullivan Street from
Inspiration to Cordova Avenues, and a portion of Inspiration
Avenue between Sullivan Street and Highway 60.