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Grand Opening Saturday December 3, 2016  10AM - 5 PM.
320 Live Oak St.  Miami, AZ  85539  928-793-4514.

First 75 adults get a free flower arrangement.

Kids' Christmas crafts starting at 10.  Face Painting. 
Hot chocolate and cookies.

The ribbon cutting was Friday December 2nd. 
Here's some pictures:


Globe and Miami Police and Firefighters wrote plenty of
tickets Friday evening, as they served as they waited on
tables at Judy's Cookhouse, taking orders and hoping for
tips. They've been at it every Christmas since 2009.  The
money raised is used to buy gifts for needy local kids.


Friday December 2nd from 5 to 7 PM.
A good time was had by all. 

Tuesday December 13, 2016   6:00 PM  
City Council Chambers

The location of the new Aquatic Center has been chosen. 
The news came during Tuesday Night's Regular Meeting of
the City of Globe Mayor and Council when City Manager
Paul Jepson informed the Council that the BHP site, on
Highway 60 and Russell Road, is the final decision. No other
details were announced.

If you are serviced by City of Globe water, you can count on
your bills going up. And the problem is exacerbated by an
administrative accounting error that has the city facing an
additional $50,000 to $177,000 in expenses that will not be
covered by WIFA.

The Council heard a presentation on the WIFA funding and
approval process, and okayed an application to be filed for a
new WIFA loan.  The current loan is for $5.5 million.  $4
million has been spent, and the remaining $1.5 million is
allocated.  The new loan, if granted, will be for $3 million,
payable over a 20-year period.  WIFA loans offer a 50%
forgiveness factor, meaning the City is obligated to pay back
only half of the loan amount.  Even so, it's a significant
indebtedness, which will be reflected in upcoming utility

Globe City Engineer Jerry Barnes explained the
overspending problems.  Unexpected events impacted the
water system upgrade, which increased the project's cost, but
because the additional cash outlay was not made in
accordance with strict WIFA protocol, it will not be
reimbursed. Barnes said that the excess spending could come
from Globe's water contingency fund, but it is also possible
that the new WIFA loan would cover it, since WIFA funds
can be used for old projects.

Jepson will make a presentation to the Council at the January
10th meeting about changing the regulations governing City
spending, so that similar problems will not occur again. 
Among his suggestions will be revising the current
provisions that allow for expenditures of less than $25,000
without Council approval, and tasking someone to closely
monitor project funds on a full time basis. 

At this meeting, the Council approved the hiring of
Piper-Jaffray, a financial advisory firm, to guide the City
through the application process for the additional $3 million
loan.  The cost to the City for their services on the loan
application will be $10,000, which the Council approved.

Also approved was $24,000 for three properties near the
Arlington tank, which will be used for access and waterline
easements.  And a contract with Hazen & Sawyer was
approved with a cap of approximately $57,000 for water
system modeling and infrastructure design services for the
Arlington Tank water line.

An update was given on the pump repairs at the Cutter Well
site.  Repairs to Well #3 have been completed, but some
motor issues, which are under warranty, need to be
addressed. Three Variable Feed Drives are in immediate
need of replacement.  The fourth is currently operational, but
as the units are now obsolete, parts and service will not be
available if needed.  Therefore the Council approved
$52,000 for four new Variable Feed Drives.

The Council authorized Fire Chief Gary Robinson to
purchase a fire truck from Smeal Fire Apparatus for
$517,351.79.  An additional $41,000 will be required for
outfitting once it arrives here, but that will be handled on a
separate agenda.

Globe's new fire truck

The Council also approved the purchase of four new trucks:
Two F350s with dump beds are coming from Peoria Ford,
and two F450s will come from McSpadden. All are financed
through five-year lease purchase agreements.

Angela & Don Earven

Globe donated the police DARE vehicle.  Mike Boyd has
been garaging the unique car since the program ended, and
he was looking for a non-profit interested in acquiring it. 
The Dylan Earven Foundation was the perfect fi.

Fire Chief Robison informed the Council of recent
promotions.  DJ Bolinger and Kendall Cormack are now
Captains and Joe Bracamonte is now an Administrative
Captain.  All of them, along with Canine Evo were in

L-R  Robinson, Bolinger, Cormack, Bracamonte
(Evo not pictured)

Mayor Al Gameros said he's been getting used to his
Mayoral duties. He's met with CAG; ADOT; City Attorney
Bill Sims, who's contract was renewed by the Council for
$75,000 for another year at this meeting; APS; Resolution
Copper; and state legislators Frank Pratt and TJ Shope
He'll be meeting with David Cooke shortly.  Gameros
wanted to publicly thank Ed Gardea and Molly Cornwell
for all their work on last weekend's Light Parade, which was
a great success.  About 5,000 people showed up. KQSS
videoaped the event. You can view it at

Councilmember Lerry Alderman added his thanks to those
involved with the parade, and his compliments on a great

Councilmember Mike Humphrey thanked the fire and
police departments for their support of the Motorcycle Toy

Councilmember Charlene Giles thanked the street crews for
their work on the Christmas lights. She reported the Art
Center Christmas concert was excellent and said the center
would be getting their new cables for Christmas lights,
something that's been on the Downtown Association's wish
list for a long time. 

Councilmember Roberta Lee Johnson gave a thumbs up to
the recent employee appreciation dinner and special thanks
to CeCe Bernal for her help in putting it together.

Councilmember Mike Stapleton announced that his
restaurant, The Copper Hen, served between 150 and 175
plates to the needy on Thanksgiving. The event was a great
success and will form the foundation of a new tradition.  He
also added his thanks to APS for helping with Christmas

Bobbie Ravencamp spoke during Call To The Public. She
said the Read-On Express at the Train Depot was a great
success with 800 people attending.

Library head Adrea Ricke announced receiving a grant from
the Grow Our Library program, a national literacy non-profit
organization. The grant will provide over 200 books for kids
and young adults.

The Council approved an IGA with Old Dominion Mine
Park.  Globe will provide a $10,000 economic grant for park
maintenance.  Councilmember Giles thanked the 20
individuals who showed up for volunteer day at the Park.

There is some good news about utilities in Globe.  The
Council authorized the City Manager to sign the deal with
Western Area Power Authority.  Globe will be benefitted by
a 50-year contract for free power from the Hoover Dam
allotment, with absolutely no downside at all. It's a gift no
municipality in its right mind would turn down, and Globe
Monday December 12, 2016   6:30 PM  
Town Council Chambers - Sullivan Street

We're about to find out where the new Aquatic Center will be
located. Town Manager Joe Heatherly announced at
Monday night's Regular Meeting of the Mayor and Council
that on Tuesday the Aquatic Committee will be choosing
from the two finalists, both on Route 60. 

Councilmember Rosemary Castaneda enquired about the
upcoming $80,000 penalty payment Miami will have to
make to the State for its 2012 over expenditure, created by
the Town not properly passing Home Rule.  Heatherly said
payment would not be due until the next Fiscal Year,

The Financial Audit for the last Fiscal Year,  2015-16 began
last week, and the Forensic Auditor looking into missing
Town money has finished his review.  A report is expected
early next month.

Librarian Delvan Hayward thanked Mayor Darryl Dalley
for visiting the Library last Friday for the Head Start Meet &
Greet.  She said about 80 people attended.  There were 983
library visitors in November and 212 computer users. $1130
was collected from donations and fines. The Library carpets
have been cleaned.  Hayward said that the $600 cost was
picked up by the Friends of the Miami Memorial Library. 
The palm trees in front of he library were trimmed by
volunteer Jimmy Woodard.  Blue Line Rentals donated the
lift to do the work.  And children wondering how to spend
their time over the holidays, need look no further than the
Library, which will show a kid's movie every day at 3:00 PM
during the holiday break.  Refreshments will be served.

Lt. Spence Pretson gave the police report for November. 
There were 475 calls for service and 42 citations.  He
reported speaking at the Cobre Valley Regional Medical
Center to the bilingual committee, which he feels helps
police relations with the Hispanic Community.  Preston said
the charity event at Judy's Cookhouse was a lot of fun and
$850 was raised for presents for needy kids.  The recent
motorcycle run for toys was also a success.  250 cyclists

For November, the Senior Center served 464 congregant
meals and 589 home delivered meals.  There are 8 new
members and the Center received $1,000 in donations. 
Interviews for the open Senior Center Director position
begin Wednesday.

Heatherly announced that the emergency generators at the
Wastewater Treatment Plant have been serviced.  It was the
first time in several years, and they are now up to snuff. 
Hilgard Wilson, the firm that oversees the Wastewater
Project is working on a draft proposal for Phases 3 through
5.  Phase 2 of the Wastewater project is almost complete. 
There's a Wastewater Meeting on Wednesday. Joe also
reported that the administrative details needed to allow the
valley collection firm to pursue overdue utility bill payments
are almost finished.  It will be on the next agenda.  Payment
for next year's Business Licenses are due by the end of the
month, and the Merritt Ramp project is finished. 
Councilmember Castandeda says the ramp looks great.

Small Town Christmas takes place this Saturday from nine to
noon.  Santa arrives at 10 a.m. and there will be free train
rides for kids courtesy of Desert Dwellers Express.

Mayor Dalley reported attending the grand opening of
Miami's newest business, Pinal Mountain Flowers.  
Tuesday, Miami High students will be putting up four
Christmas trees at Miami Vandal Park, and the Town has
begun to light downtown for the holidays.

There's a Christmas dance at Bullion Plaza this Saturday
from 7 to 11 p.m,  Mayor Dalley invited students from both
Globe and Miami High School to attend.  The cost is $12 per

Former resident Alex Sierra, now a lawyer and teacher in
Tucson, came to address the Council.  His family is donating
a vacant property behind Town Hall to Miami. He showed a
clip from his late mother and father's 35th wedding
anniversary in 1984 where Albert & Velia Sierra talk about
how grateful they were to live in such a wonderful town.
Tuesday December 6, 2016   10:00 AM  
Gila County Courthouse

Supervisor Tommie Martin was elected Chairman of the
Board at Tuesday morning's Regular Meeting of the Gila
County Board of Supervisors.  A very good choice, Martin is
also the only choice at this point.  The other two Supervisors,
former Chairman Mike Pastor and John Marcanti, are
leaving at the end of the month, and incoming Supervisors
Woody Cline and Tim Humphrey will not being seated
until next month.   All were in attendance at the four hour
long meeting.

Karalea Cox of the Southern Gila County Economic
Development Corporation and Kate Radosevic of Local
First Arizona Foundation gave a presentation on the USDA
grant the EDC has received for a food hub feasibility study
they are conducting. The survey will identify food producers
in the region and determine how they could increase food
distribution to institutional and retail farm markets here.

The meeting also contained the annual property tax sale
auction.  54 properties were available, but only a handful
sold.  One property on Moore Street attracted attention
resulting in a mini-bidding war.  It sold for $1,150.  The
remaining properties can now be sold directly to anyone
wishing to buy them for the tax liability amount.

Community Services Division Director Melissa Buzan got
the Board's approval for an additional $7,250 needed for a
rehab project for a disabled family in Payson.  The original
approved amount was $50,000.

An IGA was approved that merges the Court Information
Services IT department with the County IT department,
headed by Kelly Riggs.  The employee roster for the Court
IT department was down to one, who will now report to

Supervisor Pastor reported that the Christmas bike program
has been successful.  140 bikes were collected throughout
the county this year, and they'll be distributed to kids in need.

County Manager Don McDaniel announced a quarterly
leadership meeting next Tuesday.  All the managers of
various county departments will be there along with the two
newly elected Supervisors, who will get a good glimpse into
Gila County's inner workings.

McDaniel also said that the Superior Court North site plan
shoud be completed next week.

There was an Executive Session to discuss a couple pending
lawsuits against the County.  One of them was filed by Sun
Run Inc, a solar company, which has filed suit against nine 
counties and the state of Arizona over their tax base, which
they claim is illegally determined.

A work session was held after the executive session.  It
centered around protocol the incoming supervisors need to
understand, particularly the Open Meeting Law and the
Public Record Law. 

Supervisor Martin explained that with regard to open
meetings, perception was more important than reality.  She
quipped,  'Don't go to the bathroom together, lest people will
suspect you're making private deals.'  It's exactly for that
reason-forbidding backroom deals, said McDaniel who
added, it's a worthwhile law.

Similarly, the public record law is just that, explained
Assistant County Manager Jacque Sanders, saying,
'Everything we do is on the record.'

Marian Sheppard, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors,
detailed her administrative  responsibilities including
maintaining the meeting calendar and agendas. She reports
to McDaniel.

The incoming supervisors were also informed about
conflicts of interest. All elected officials and county
employees sign a statement each year saying they have no
such conflicts.  If one should arise for a Supervisor, they are
required to recuse themselves from voting on any related
issue.  An overview of the agenda process was also provided
including discussion of both internal and external
committees, board and commissions.

There will be one more Board of Supervisors meeting this
year on December 20th.
Tuesday December 20, 2016  10:00 AM  
Gila County Courthouse

Board members John Marcanti and former Chairman Mike
Pastor aren't the only names that won't be on Gila County
letterheads next year. Also leaving will be County Manager
Don McDaniel and Marilyn Brewer, John Marcanti's
administrative assistant.  The news came at yesterday's
regular meeting of The Gila County Board of Supervisors
where Pastor and Marcanti were publicly recognized for
their contributions to the community. Pastor was on the
board for eight years, Marcanti for four. Several department
heads offered thanks and congratulations for their wonderful

Mike Pastor

Pastor thanked his executive assistant, Sherry Grice, for all
of her help over the years.  He revealed that his next stop
will be Gila Community College where as of next month he
will be an advisor to the industrial education department.

John Marcanti

Marcanti will be returning to his post at Marcanti Electric,
and he reminded the public works department, there will be
no more conflict in his making bids on county work.

McDaniel is retiring from a position he said is not a job.  'It's
been a calling.' He said he didn't know what the county
planned to do in his absence.  When asked, Assistant County
Manager, Mike Scannell, said he had no interest in assuming
McDaniel's role. 

Don McDaniel

A few tears where shed and parting gifts for Pastor and
Marcanti were bestowed.  Each got a copper splash and a

Marilyn Brewer

Supervisor Tommie Martin presided over the meeting as
Chairman.  There was a public hearing for a liquor license in
Young at the Cherry Creek Store. It was approved, as was an
IGA between the Town of Winkelman and the County.   Gila
County will provide code enforcement for manufactured
housing for the Town.

Also passed was an Economic Development Grant between
Gila County and the Pinal-Gila Council for Senior Citizens. 
The County will provide $21,500 to be used predominantly
for the Meals on Wheels program.

A blighted property in Miami, with outstanding taxes of
almost $7,800, was sold for $635.   Three creek bed
properties were sold to Globe for a dollar each.  They'll be
used for flood control.

And a parcel on Miami Avenue in Globe with a tax lean of
$730 sold for $50 to the owner of an adjacent property.

Performance pay increases ranging from 1 to 3%, at a total
cost the county of $525,000, were passed. McDaniel said the
funds were already included in the annual budget and
Chairman Martin mentioned it's worthwhile to reward
workers since the county is doing more and more with less
and less.

There are several boards on which the Supervisors sit. For
next year, Tommie Martin will be on the County Supervisors
Association and the Eastern Arizona Counties Association
boards.  Incoming Supervisor Tim Humphrey volunteered to
be on CAG's Regional Council board and Woody Cline
volunteered to serve on the Coalition of Arizona-New
Mexico Counties board. The remaining appointments will be
made after the new Board convenes in January.  Martin said
she'll miss the swearing-in ceremony because she'll be at a
meeting in Washington, D.C. 

Incoming Supervisors:  Woody Cline & Tim Humphrey

Passage of the Consent Agenda was interrupted by having an
item tabled. Marcanti questioned the new contract amount
requested for Mark A. Fischione, MD, the medical examiner.
The current amount is $95,000.  The additional amount
requested is $160,000, bringing the total to $255,000 for
Fiscal Year July 2016-17. 

Marcanti mentioned that the annual budget used to be
$30,000 a year, and is now over a quarter of a million
dollars.  He asked that the item be tabled until more
information is provided in the form of a full accounting from
the Sheriff's office, Bradley Beauchamp and the county's
accounting department to determine what is causing the
increase.   Pastor suggested that Beauchamp may be too
aggressive with autopsy requests.      The rest of the Consent
Agenda was passed without discussion.

An executive session was held over the lawsuit between
Strawberry Bridge Estates and Gila County.  The
Supervisors sought advice from the County attorney and
passed whatever was recommended.

Farewell and Thanks to John Marcanti & Mike Pastor