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Town of Miami Mayor & Council - Town Council Chambers
Monday August, 2017   6:30 PM  - Sullivan Street

Tuesday August, 2017  10 AM -  County Courthouse

City of Globe Mayor & Council - City Hall
Tuesday August, 2017  6 PM - Pine Street

Gila County (including sheriff's office - great dispatch jobs!)

Gila County Schools (including adult education)

City of Globe (including police & fire)

Pinal County (form includes all departments)

Graham County (including police & fire)

Freeport McMoran (Arizona mining jobs)

ASARCO (No need to log in. Scroll to "Search Job Openings",  choose a location.)

Haven of Globe - seeking exceptionl RNs, LPNs & CNAs.

Indeed (for Globe Miami private & public jobs)
Simply Hired (for Globe Miiami Claypool jobs)
snagajob (for Globe Miami Claypool jobs)
Glassdoor (for Globe Miami Claypool jobs)
Linkup (for Globe Miami Claypool jobs)
Neuvoo (for Globe Miami Claypool jobs) (for Globe Miami Claypool jobs) (for Globe Miami Claypool jobs)

L-R: Bucky Jordan (Surveillance)
Patty Bowyer (CFO)
Jonell Robertson (Hospitality)
Linda Michels (GM)
Steve Ravenkamp (Stronghold)
Matt Olin (CEO)
Kristina Heath (Director, Marketing)
Todd Barnes (Food & Beverage)
Darin Lowery (Marketing)

Wednesday evening, August 16th, Matt Olin, CEO of the Apache Gold Casino & Resort introduced his staff to the local
commnity in conjunction with the Globe-Miami Chamber of Commerce.  The weather was perfect and the food was wonderful
for an event which drew a terrific crowd including Gila County Supervisor Tim Humphrey and Gila County Clerk Marian
Sheppard, Globe Mayor Al Gameros, former Globe Mayor Stan Gibson and his wife Diana Wheeler; Miami Town Manager
Joe Heatherly and Miami Councilmember Angel Medina and his wife Louisa, in addition to numerous local business

Find out what's happening locally, weedays everh half hour
from  6 to 9 AM and 3:30 to 5 PM. 

Catch the local obituaries at 6 AM, 8 AM & 4 PM
Hear the police logs at 6:30 AM, 7:30 AM, 8:30 AM & 5 PM

If it's important to Globe Miami, you'll hear about it on
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Tuesday August 8, 2017  6:00 PM
City Council Chambers - Pine Street

At Tuesday evening's Regular Meeting of the City of Globe
Mayor and Council, Mayor Al Gameros and the rest of the
council praised and thanked the Globe Police Department for
their professional action in the recent standoff where shots
were fired, but no lives were lost.

Globe Police Chief Mark Nipp introduced the city to
Globe's newest police lieutenant.  He's Robert Folker who
comes from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office with
extensive experience and tremendous organization skills. 

Robert Folker

Chief Nipp recognized two officers for their above and
beyond achievements: Sgt. Kat Kjellstrom and Officer J.
Eagleton.  Several other officers were given letters of

Kat Kjellstrom & J. Eagleton

There's a mixer coming up next Wednesday, August 16th,
from 5:30 to 7 at the Apache Stronghold Golf Resort to
introduce Matt Olin, the new chief operating officer of the
Apache Gold Casino & Resort.

Mayor Gameros announced the city is working on an
agreement to host a haunted house near the old jail for five
weeks from the end of September through the beginning of
November.   The Mayor is meeting with investors, producers
and designers who have worked on similar projects.   He
anticipates between 15 to 20,000 visitors at the attraction, for
which there will be an entry fee.

Terry VanDerPlas, head of the Globe-Miami Gun Club
spoke about the Gun Devil Cup Tournament to be held at the
Bixby Rd. range in September.  

Jerry Barnes updated the Council on speed bump requests.
Currently there are 23 in Globe.  Each new one would cost
about $3,000.  Applications are required. Neighborhoods
that want one will need to gather signatures on petitions
requesting a bump.  The City will then make a decision on
granting the request.

The Fiscal Year 2016-17 Fourth Quarter Bed Tax distribution
was approved.  The total disbursed for the year was

The lease on the property occupied by the Cobre Valley
Youth Club has been extended for 180 days as the club
continues the lengthy process of seeking a 501c3 non-profit
designation from the IRS. 

The August 22nd meeting has been cancelled. There will be
a special meeting of the Globe Mayor and Council on
Tuesday, August 29th at 5:00 PM.

ON THE HILL 50th reunion committee is registering
classmates for the October 20th-22nd reunion event.  The
cost is $25 per person and includes a meet and greet on
Friday and a dinner on Saturday at the Cobre Valley Country
Club and a Sunday brunch at Bullion Plaza.  Call Sandi at
425-4747 for more information.

Through August, the Gila County Historical Museum will
be showcasing a collection of historic photographs taken
from 1900 through the 1960's.  The photographs highlight
Globe/Miami parades, picnics and celebrations throughout
the beginning of the last century, in an exhibition, called
Parades and Celebrations”. 

The Farmers Market is still going strong and is open to the
public Saturdays, beginning at 8am within Veteran's
Memorial Park, located in front of Globe City Hall.  Fresh
local vegetables, breads and more can be found at the
Farmer's Market, every Saturday morning.

The Miami Library Summer Reading Program, “Build A
Better World” has begun, with story/playtime for toddlers
and preschoolers every Thursday from 11 to noon. 
Children's Movie Time is on Friday's at 3:00 PM.  All ages

It is time to register for the Pinal/Gila Head Start Program. 
Head Start is a free preschool for children ages 3 and 4.  It
provides age appropriate learning activities and social
guidance.  For more information, call 425-9610. 

United Fund of Globe Miami is now accepting applications
for 2018 calendar year funding.  The application deadline is
August 1st.  Applicants must be a currently registered charity
operating in the Globe Miami area.  For more information,

Bring your gently used or new shoes to the Gila County
Public Health Department or the Courthouse and donate to
a great cause.  The shoes collected will be distributed to
organizations that assist people in getting back to work,
putting shoes on the homeless and helping those in need.
Have questions?  Call Chuck Turney at 402-8811 for more

Age-related macular degeneration, AMD, is the leading
cause of blindness in people over 65, but some forms can be
slowed or stopped, and in some cases reversed, if found in
time.  Call the Foundation Fighting Blindness today at
800-BLINDNESS (800-254-6363) or go to for free information.

The Globe Police Department urges local business owners
and residents to take caution when receiving utility related
phone calls. Scammers are back at it, again.  If you get a
call and are threatened with having your utilities shut off
because of non payment, don't do anything except end the
call and call your utility representative.  Scammers will say
whatever they can to get your financial information.  Don't
give them anything, especially gift cards.
The Warm Line, a free, confidential, non-emergency
behavioral health phone line is available for anyone who
needs to talk.  Callers can discuss their life's challenges,
whether it's grief or someone in the family experiencing
mental health or substance abuse disorders.  Call the Warm
Line now for more information, 877-770-9912.

The Globe/Miami Chamber of Commerce is running low on
giveaways for the Welcome Baskets they give to new
residents.  The Chamber invites you to help your business
become popular with new residents with things like
notepads, pencils, magnets.  It's a great way to give a
friendly hello to those who are new to our area. Call
425-4495 for more information.

Looking for an alternative internet provider.  Can't take the
slow dsl speed, cable's inconsistency, or the horrible latency
from satellites?  Try Triplet Mountain Communications,
Inc's new wireless service.   It comes with unlimited,
uncapped data usage, and real speed plans to fit any user,
residential or business.  Call 928-475-8624 for more info and

The High Desert Humane Society now has a furniture store
and they invite you to come and visit.  Now at 393 N Broad
Street, the store is stocked with furniture, pictures and lamps.
Store hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10 AM to 4

The Miami Senior Center offer lunch Monday through
Friday.  The suggested donation is $2.  The Center is located
at 506 Live Oak Street in Miami. The menu changes every
day, so come on in and have a seat. The phone number is
473-4190.  If you need a ride, call 473-8222.

Need a ride to Walmart, Fry’s, the hospital, or to the
courthouse?  Cobre Valley Community Transit can get you
there, and most everywhere else in town all day. Disabled an
in need of special transportation?  CVCT can come right to
your door, for only a dollar!  Senior and student discounts
too. Call 473-8222.  Get up and Go with Cobre Valley
Transit.  473-8222.

Overeaters Anonymous, a 12 step program meets every
Tuesday at noon, and Wednesday at 6 PM at St. John's
Episcopal Church in Globe.
Monday August 21, 2017  10:00 AM
Gila County Courthouse

It seems like a trend both nationally and locally- first
lawmakers have to pass a bill to know what's in it.  That's
pretty much what happened yesterday at the Regular
Meeting of the Gila County Board of Supervisors when
primary and secondary property tax rates for Fiscal Year
2017-18 were unanimously approved by the Supervisors
who were not privy to the details.  They relied on the work
of County Manager James Menlove, the former county
finance director, noting that he examined every minutiae,
and they trusted he got it right.  Menlove told KQSS the
details will soon be public.

Then there's the county attorney's office.  One of the nice
perks for working as a lawyer for a government entity is the
student loan forgiveness program.  But the way the county
set up the payments, lawyers could work for the county for
60 years and still not see their loans paid off.  County
Attorney Bradley Beauchamp appeared before the Board to
explain the adjustments made.  Turns out Gila is the only
county in the United States that participating incorrectly. 
That's been fixed with more frequent payments, submitted
directly by the lawyer involved.

BOS Chairman Tommie Cline Martin suggested a ten
minute break from 10:25 to 10:35 so that attendees could
glimpse the eclipse.  Several people brought eclipse glasses
for that purpose, provided by the Miami Memorial Library,
but because Arizona's view was about 65% of totality, the
skies never turned dark as they did in some areas.

Chairman Martin discussed ways to find new revenue for the
county because, as she said, the state continues to pick our
county pockets.  She suggested looking into revenue from
marijuana, and the possibility of having a gambling
paddleboat on Roosevelt Lake.

The dreaded Mexican Wolf program is still an issue.  The
feds have spent over $2 billion an attempt to introduce 1500
Mexican wolves into Arizona counties, which have been
fighting the program collectively and individually for years. 
The County entered into a partnership with Arizona Fish and
Wildlife, which Supervisor Woody Cline strongly opposes.
He wants the process stopped completely. But as Martin
noted, this partnership is what keeps us at the table for
discussion. Martin said this particular breed of wolf is
especially vexing, and it's the least genetically sustainable
line of wolves in America.  “This ain't your grandma's wolf,”
she said.

Gila County is about to be $20,000 richer, but the funds from
the state are clearly marked.  Due to Governor Doug Ducey
declaring a public health emergency in Arizona from opiate
abuse, the county will receive the money to conduct a
comprehensive analysis of opioid use here.

Paul Tunis was slated to give a presentation on the Arizona
Creative Communities Institute, but he was unavailable.  A
team from Globe has been selected as one of nine
communities around the state to be part of the inaugural

Bryan Seppala, the Community and Social Performance
Analyst for Resolution Copper presented a mine project
update.  The entire power point presentation is available
here.  Bryan said there are currently over 130 employees at
Resolution Copper in Arizona, along with over 60 local
contractors.  There's a new social investment strategy,  and a
new community water monitoring system.  Mine Shaft #10
was completed a while ago. It descends to almost 7,000 feet. 
Work is underway and will continue for the next three years
on Shaft #9.  There will be a connection between Shafts 9
and 10 for emergency exits.

Seppala said there's a new website,,
created in collaboration with Local First Arizona, the Copper
Corridor Economic Development Coalition, the Southern
Gila County Economic Development Corporation and
Resolution Copper.   It's intended to be a resource for
primary contractors doing work here, allowing them to
connect with local sub-contractors, vendors and suppliers. 
Local businesses can use it as a resource to learn about
vendor requirements and other opportunities.

A public hearing was held over applying for a Community
Development Block Grant.  The regional grant in the amount
of $139,120 would be used for rehabbing houses locally. 
With no public comments, approval of applying for the
CDBG grant was unanimous.

Gila County Sheriff Adam Shepherd introduced an IGA
between the White Mountain Apache Tribe and the county
for law enforcement services.  There are no dollars involved
in the three year agreement which sets forth the terms and
conditions for help from Gila County.  Shepherd stressed
that the White Mountain Apaches are a sovereign nation that
has the right to stop the Sheriff's Office from participating,
as well as receive help under the terms of the IGA. 

In Young, a Lower Cherry Creek Road easement was given
to the County by Chapman Ranch Limited Partnership.  The
road has existed since it was a wagon trail prior to the
formation of counties, and it's in the same shape as it was
back then.  Now the County will be responsible for its

September 17th through the 23rd was proclaimed as
Constitution Week, commemorating the 230th anniversary of
the drafting of the US Constitution.