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Currently Community Meetings are Closed to the public.
But you can see them online.

Town of Miami Mayor & Council
Monday    6:30 PM  - Sullivan Street
Click here for the live stream link.

Gila County Board of Supervisors
Tuesday  10 AM
Click here for a link to the live stream on YouTube.
Click here for the meeting minutes.
Click here for the audio of past meetings.

City of Globe Mayor & Council
Tuesday  5:30 PM
Click here for the live stream (and past metings!

Tri-City Regional Sanitary District
Monday 5PM
 Click here for how to watch  it on Zoom stream

Supervisor Tim Humphrey's Community Meetings
Various places, various times
Dial 701-802-5407 and use Passcode 7878132


Find out what's happening locally, weedays everh half hour
from  6 to 9 AM and 3:30 to 5 :30PM. 

Catch the latest Covid-19 stats at 9AM and 5PM;  local
obituaries at 6 AM;  and police logs at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 in
the morning, and 4:30 and 5:30 iin the afternoons.

If it's important to Globe Miami, you'll hear about it on
Gila's Kiss FM - KQSS 101.9

There’s nothing more important to Gila County’s future than
widespread affordable, high speed internet connectivity.  The
pandemic has proved we have a long way to go, but Connect
Gila County is working on it.  The first step is finding out
what’s important to you, and there’s a survey you can
complete in three minutes to tell Connect Gila what you
think.  Go to and fill it out, and find
out why a direct fiber connection to your home or business
offering high speed, low latency, symmetrical, rock solid
service is a game changer.

GilaProud is a campaign aimed at reducing illegal dumping
throughout the county. The organization will help people
who need assistance cleaning up blighted areas, as well as
help identify areas that need clean up or reconstruction. If
you are interested in being a part of a movement to beautify
and improve our beautiful community, call 928-651-1781.

If you're in the City of Globe or the Town of Miami, you've
got to wear a mask if you're indoor in any public place
(grocery stores, for instance).   The proclamations covring
this have no end date, as it will be determined by the
trajectory of Covid-19.
     You also need to be wearing one if you're riding Copper
Mountain Transit.

The Tonto National Forest is now under Stage I Fire
Restrictions. What that means is the forest, including
Apache Lake, will be open to visitors.  Discharging a
firearm, air rifle or gas gun is still prohibited as is smoking,
except within an enclosed vehicle or building, or a
developed recreation site.  And if you're not in a developed
picnic area or campsite, no igniting, building, maintaining,
attending or using a fire, campfire or stove fire.
     But even though the Tonto has opened, there is an area
that will remain closed through next March due to potential
flooding from the aftermath of the Bush Fire. 

Fire restrictions remain in effect in the unincorporated areas
of Gila County.  That means no fires, campfires, or stove
fires. Charcoal grills are prohibited, but propane grills with
shutoff valves are permitted.

You can access free wifi at a Sparklight Hotspot located at
the Miami Memorial Park.
          And did you know, you can also access free wifi by
any library?   Find out what's happening at all the Gila
County Libraries at

Need someone to talk with about the pandemic?  The Gila
County Covid-19 call center is available weekdays during
business hours 8 to 5.  Call them 928-402-8888.

To be screened over the phone to determine whether you
should be tested, call the Arizona Poison & Drug
Information toll free hotline at 844-542-8201.

The Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center is offering
telemedicine at all primary care facilities. The main number
for the CVRMC is 928-425-3261 Their website, for clinic
contact numbers and more is

The symptoms of Covid-19 are shortness of breath, fever
and a dry cough.  Anything else is probably something else.
But if you think you have contracted the virus call your
healthcare provider to arrange for a test.  Do not just show
up, call first, whether it’s a doctor’s office or the hospital
emergency room. Then stay home in isolation for 7 days
after you’ve been tested or 72 hours after symptoms
including fever are gone—which ever is longer.

The CVRMC Emergency Room never closes. Stop by the
main desk and ask for a mask. But if you think you have
symptoms of Covid-19--  shortness of breath, fever and a dry
cough, call first before coming to the emergency room so
they can be ready for you.  928-425-3261 extension 1026.
Likewise, if you’re going to your primary care physician
with symptoms of the virus, call first.

If you’re sick, don’t even think of visiting anyone in the
hospital, or a nursing or rehab facility.  No visitors at Haven
Healthcare except for end of life situations, and no visitors
at Heritage Healthcare except in an emergency. You will be
screened and your temperature will be taken before being
If you’re in Gila County and are a senior or are house-bound,
and you are unable to get essential supplies, call Gila
County Community Services at 928-425-7631  and they’ll
help.  And statewide, Arizona has a 24 hour helpline for
seniors unable to access groceries.  Phone 602-264-4357.

At Globe City Hall, the entrance is now locked but two
walk up windows have been installed on the porch facing
Veterans Park that will be open weekdays from 8 to 5.

All Gila County services are now “By Appointment Only”
for in person service during the pandemic.  But much of
what you can do, you can do online, by email or over the

The MVD's is online.  Most of the in
person services are curtailed, but you can probably do what
you need to do at or 
Well, unless you're tryiing to make changes to a company
vehicle. Good luck with that.

New hours at the  Russell Gulch Landfill. 7AM to 4 PM 
Monday through Saturday. Dollar a Dump days are
indefinitely suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic, to
reduce crowds.

Homeland Security has extended the date for the
implementation of the new Travel ID requirements by one
year-you must have it to board a plane in the US by October
1, 2021.

Restrictions continue throughout  the San Carlos Apache
    No non-tribal members allowed on the res, except
essential works (including delivery drivers) who will be
screened at checkpoints before admittance.
    Stay at home order in place on the res-- no entering or
leaving, except for exempt purposes.  A record of vehicles
and occupants will be kept including destinations.

We don't know the origins of Covid-19.  That's what has led
massive efforts to prevent its spread. It's thought to be
zoonotic, meaning it originated in animals and is now caught
by humans.  When that happens, humans have no natural
immunity to the disease.  That's not rare. It's actually the
case with 60% of all human diseases.  And it's not a big
problem when transmission is limited to direct contact,
through a bite for instance.  But if an illness for which we
have no natural immunity becomes airborne, it can become a
widespread lethal event.  In those instances, medical
researchers attempt to predict outcomes, but no one knows
what might happen.   Was Covid-19 natural, or did it escape
from a lab that splices viruses together to develop vaccines? 
It really doesn't matter right now. What we're facing is a
virus that is easily transmitted in the air, with consequences
to the human body that some people may not be equipped to
handle. Statistically, it is rare that people die from this virus,
but it can and does happen, so your best bet is to protect
yourself. Follow all hygiene guidelines and don't put
yourself somewhere, like a crowded place, where Covid-19
transmission is more likely. Stay smart. Stay safe.

It should be common hygiene, but often it’s not.  During the
pandemic you can greatly increase your chances of staying
healthy by frequently washing your hands for at least 20
seconds with soap and warm water.  Do your best to avoid
touching your face—especially your mouth, nose and eyes;
and practice physical distancing—staying at home whenever
possible, and when you must go out maintaining at least a
six foot distance from other people. If you are sick, stay
home—but avoid being in the same room as other family
members. When that’s not possible wear a mask, and avoid
sharing household items like eating utensils.

Our veterans risked it all to protect our freedoms. And now
as everyone fights Covid-19, vulnerable veterans have little
or no contact with their families, or hospital volunteers and
staff.  Learn how you can help an isolated or sick vet at Help Heal Veterans, with the support of
people like you, creates, manufactures and distributes
therapeutic  art and craft projects to veterans and the military
at no charge to them. 


Pinto Creek Bridge Update:  Expect lane restrictions, pilot
cars and long delays on US 60 near Miami Mondays through
Thursdays  6A-4P,  Fridays 6A-Noon.   No full closures are
planned at this point, but expect alternating one lane traffic
and pilot cars.

Gila County (including sheriff's office - great dispatch jobs!)
Gila County Schools (including adult education)
City of Globe (including police & fire)
Pinal County (form includes all departments)
Graham County (including police & fire)

Freeport McMoran (Arizona mining - scroll down page)
ASARCO (Hayden)
Cementation (mining jobs throughout the US)

Haven of Globe  (patient care - nursing, etc.)
Heritage Healthcare (patient care - nursing, etc.)

We’ve linked to the Globe Miami area for openings on the sites listed
below. These sites can be a good source for knowing what jobs are
available, particularly for positions in the private sector, but beware: 
some openings listed are work for yourself opportunities or solicitations
for independent contractors rather than salaried employment, and others
may require relocation. 
          While you may be able to apply directly with the employer for
some of the openings you see, many of the jobs listed on these websites
require you to submit your resume to the website, rather than to the
employer.   And some may require you to provide your personal
information like an email address. 
          This warning is not meant to discredit any of the sites below. As
far as we know, all are legitimate ventures, offering help to job seekers.
But we have heard from many of you who want to apply directly with
an employer and do not wish to provide personal info to anyone else. If
that’s the case with you, then use the information on the sites below to
learn what openings are available and then apply on your own. 

Glassdoor.     Indeed.     Linkup.     Neuvoo.

Simply Hired.     Snagajob.     Zippia.      ZipRecruiter.

Disabled and looking for work?  NTI can help.  Click here.


Globe Municipal information - various departments and
managers - click here.

Globe City Council - Click on the names below to see their
official online pages including district boundary maps.

Phone: (928) 200-2626

Cell Phone: (928) 812-0081

Cell: (928) 961-0753

Cell: (928) 200-1312

Phone: 480-299-5910

Cell: 928-487-4005

Cell: (928) 200-1381


Miami Municipal Information  - various departments and
managers click here.

Miami Town Council:
Mayor  Sammy Gonzales
(928) 473-4403
Term expires: 2020

Vice Mayor Dan Moat
(928) 473-4403
Term expires: 2022

Councilmember Michael Sosh
(928) 473-4403
Term expires: 2022

Councilmember Michael Black
(928) 473-4403
Term expires: 2020
Councilmember Patricia Bringhurst
(928) 473-4403
Term expires: 2020
Councilmember Don Reiman
(928) 473-4403
Term expires: 2022
Councilmember Jose "Angel" Medina
(928) 473-4403
Term expires: 2022


Gila County Information - various departments and
maangers, click here.

Board of Supervisors - click on the names below to see their
official online pages.

Gila County Complex
610 E HWY 260, Payson, Arizona 85547
Phone: (928) 474-7100
Fax: (928) 472-5399
Toll free: (800) 304-4453 x 7100

Gila County Courthouse
1400 E. Ash Street, Globe, Arizona 85501
Phone: (928) 425-3231
Fax: (928) 402-0319

Gila County Courthouse
1400 E. Ash Street, Globe, Arizona 85501
Phone: (928) 402-4401
Fax: (928) 425-0319




Electric:                        Water:
APS Residential.             Globe Water.      
APS Business.                  Arizona Water Co.

 Gas:                             Broadband:
Southwest Gas.               Sparklight (formerly Cable One)
RAD*                             call toll free 855-723-8326
Copper State Sanitation  call (928) 473-3086
Tri-City Sanitation          call (928) 425-5853

*If you live in the City of Globe, RAD is your only choice. 
Here is a map depicting collection schedule.  Complaints
about missed pickups and location changes are plentiful.
RAD the contractor for the city.  Reports of great
disatisfaction over the inability reach anyone there are
numerous.  When you get no response, remember, it is the
City of Globe that is ultimately responsible. This comes
under the Public Works Department.  There are several
contact numbers on the website here,


4739 Ragus Rd
928-425-3271 (for district and all schools:
Bejarano, Kornegay, Miami Jr. Sr. High)

453 E Maple St.
(928) 402-6013 (Superintendent Jerry Jennex)
     Copper Rim Elementary: 
               1600 E Mesquite Dr (928) 402-5800
     High Desert Middle: 
               4000 High Desert Drive  (928) 402-5902
     Globe High:
               437 S. High St.  (928) 402-6102

       The Town of Miami's newest Councilmember,
Michael Sosh, was sworn in at the Miami  Mayor & Council
meeting, Monday night June 8th.